Southern California Earthquake Data Center

SCEDC Web Services

These pages describe what web services are available to access data from the SCEDC archives.



Service interface Version Summary Return options
station v.1 metadata for waveform time series stored
    FDSN StationXML
dataselect v.1 waveform time series miniSEED
event v.1 event catalog webservice



Service interface Version Summary Return options
webstp v.1
    SCEDC earthquake catalog
    SCEDC phase data
    continuous waveform time series
    triggered waveform time series
sacpz v.1
    Poles and zeros of instrument response in SAC ASCII format.
resp v.1
    Instrument response in RESP format.
availability BETA
    Waveform availability for triggered and continous waveforms in text format.

Web services can be accessed in a number of different ways:

  • Small requests can be handled through your browser.
  • Dedicated clients are available for making more complex or larger queries:
    • IRIS Fetch scripts : Command line scripts for accessing data via web services. See below for SCEDC specific info. Information on using the scripts with other data centers is available here
    • irisFetch.m : A MATLAB library created by IRIS that allows direct access to data. More info about it can be found here
    • ObsPy : The ObsPy project is dedicated to providing a Python framework for processing seismological data. Included in this framework is the capability to retrieve data from FDSN web services
  • Automated or scripted requests can be made using programs such as wget or curl.

Using IRIS Fetch scripts with SCEDC webservices

  • Download the latest version of the IRIS Fetch scripts here. SCEDC web services support FetchData, FetchEvent and FetchMetaData. FetchSyn is not supported. More info on IRIS Fetch scripts can be found here.
  • Rename the script to remove the version extension. (e.g. 'mv FetchData-2013.077 FetchData')
  • Make the scripts executable (e.g 'chmod +x FetchData').
  • Download the wrapper scripts FetchData-SCEDC, FetchEvent-SCEDC and FetchMetaData-SCEDC as needed.
  • Make the wrapper scripts executable.
  • Run the wrapper scripts without any command line options to see usage.