Southern California Earthquake Data Center

SCEDC Availability Web Service (Beta)

The SCEDC availability web service returns time span information of what timeseries are available at the SCEDC archive. It implements the /extent service query method. It produces lists of available time extents(earliest to latest) for selected channels (network, station, channel,location) and time ranges. Availability information is refreshed once a day in the backend.
The service is currently under beta testing. At this stage, following data are availabile for queries:
  • triggered records from Jan 1977 - present
  • continuous records from Oct 1999 - Jan 2015

To see a full list of service parameters and their usage, click

Sample queries

Extent information for all network CI, station AGO channels

Extent information for network CI, station PASC, channel HHE for a given time interval

Please use the citation: 
SCEDC (2013): Southern California Earthquake Data Center. Caltech. Dataset. doi:10.7909/C3WD3xH1
to cite data downloaded from the SCEDC.

Version: SCEDC Waveform Availability Service v1.0.0

Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences | California Institute of Technology