Earthquake Commentary for December, 2000

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16:45 PST, Thursday, December 28

The week's earthquake list totals 272 this week. Click here to see a summary and map .

14:24 PST, Wednesday, December 27

There have been a few more quakes in the area since the last entry:

The first was a M3.1 at 2:52 am on the Tuesday, the 26th. The location was 12 miles south-southeast of Pt. Fermin, San Pedro. It was felt in Orange County.

At 1:28 pm the same day, there was a M3.1 near Big Bear City, 3 miles north-northwest of Big Bear City, to be exact. This quake was felt at several locations in the San Bernardino Mtns.

Later, at 4:27 pm, there was a M4.1 17 miles east-southeast of San Clemente Is., or 53 miles west of San Diego. It was felt by a few individuals in San Diego and as far north as Laguna Hills.

17:44 PST, Saturday, December 23

At 5:04 pm today, a M4.4 quake struck 6 miles west of Grapevine (the little hamlet at the bottom of the Grapevine Grade), or 16 miles west-northwest of Gorman. It was widely felt: from the Bakersfield and Tehachapi area to Ventura, to Palmdale. The maximum instrumental intensity (Modified Mercali) reported so far was IV.

10:46 PST, Saturday, December 23

Two quakes were felt in southern California were felt overnight. The first was a M3.4 in Loma Linda, at 1:08 am. It was felt throughout the San Bernardino, Riverside, and Lake Perris areas.

The other one was a M3.1 at 5:52 am, 6 miles west-northwest of Fillmore. It was reported felt in the Santa Paula and Fillmore areas.

Actually, there was a third M3+ quake slightly later, at 7:09 am, but was located in Mexico, 59 miles southeast of San Ysidro, and was probably not felt in the U.S.

17:06 PST, Thursday, December 21

The week's earthquake list totals 228 this week. Click here to see a summary and map .

10:16 PST, Tuesday, December 19

Yesterday morning, at 10:42 am, there was another small quake (M3.0), located 14 miles north of Barstow. We have not reports that it was felt, although it may have been.

We do have a couple of felt reports, however, for the Mexicali quake (M3.1) yesterday morning. It was felt in Mexicali.

16:14 PST, Monday, December 18

This morning a pair of earthquakes occurred roughly 11 miles north of the city of Taft in Kern county: a M2.9 at 10:42 and a M2.8 at 10:43. And on the southern end a M3.1 occurred 8 miles south-southwest of Calexico. This one happened at 9:39 am. We received no calls alerting us that any of these were felt.

15:46 PST, Monday, December 18

Out in the north-west corner of San Bernardino County, 17 miles south-east of Trona was this weekend's largest (but probably not felt) earthquake - a M3.4 occurring Saturday evening at 6:46 pm.

17:10 PST, Thursday, December 14

The week's earthquake list totals 254 this week. Click here to see a summary and map .

10:19 PST, Monday, December 11

Guess what! There's been another small earthquake. This time, the quake was 8 miles northeast of Cabazon, or 17 miles northwest of Palm Springs. The magnitude was M3.4. There is no word yet on whether it was felt of not.

07:20 PST, Monday, December 11

Another small quake occurred this morning in the Tehachapi Mountains area, 12 miles northwest of Tehachapi. Magnitude was M3.0. We have no "felt" reports yet.

Both of yesterday's little quakes, in Yucca Valley and Loma Linda, were definitely felt. We have quite a few reports, and we can see spikes in the web hit statistics, which is usually a dead giveaway.

11:48 PST, Sunday, December 10

And yet another ... this time in Loma Linda, magnitude M2.8, at 11:37 am. I haven't seen any "felt" reports yet, but, due to its location and magnitude, this little quake was probably felt as well.

10:42 PST, Sunday, December 10

Another small quake occurred this morning at 10:27 am. It was a Landers aftershock, located 2 miles south of Yucca Valley. Magnitude was M3.2. We have "felt" reports from Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree.

04:27 PST, Sunday, December 10

There was a quake at 4:09 am this morning, 2 miles southwest of Fontana. Magnitude was M2.8. Because local residents there usually feel quite small quakes, this one probably was felt.

07:56 PST, Friday, December 08

We have recorded and located 219 earthquakes in the past week. Click here to see a summary and map .

08:16 PST, Thursday, December 07

At 7:55 pm last night, there was a M2.9 quake in the Gorman area that was felt, in Lebec and Frazier Park. The epicentral location was 2 miles west of Gorman.

13:29 PST, Tuesday, December 05

At 1:18 pm today, there was a small quake (M3.2) in the Coso Range area, 3 miles northeast of Coso Junction. We have no "felt" reports so far.

09:07 PST, Monday, December 04

Just for the record, it looks as if the Big Bear quake early Saturday morning was felt as far away as San Clemente and western Antelope Valley. The peak intensity was Modified Mercalli V in the Big Bear area.

02:01 PST, Saturday, December 02

The seismic quiescence of the past week was broken this morning at 12:28 am PST by a preliminary M4.1 earthquake that shook Big Bear City. So far, we received no calls of it being felt, but due to its size and its proximity (preliminarily located 4 miles east of the city) it's most probable that it was. No (or very minor) damage is expected from an earthquake of this size. Awakened sleepers, clinking of dishes and the swinging of Christmas ornaments, with the possible toppled book or two, are the kinds of likely goings-on. This earthquake is considered to be unrelated to any past earthquake or sequence, i.e. the Landers/Big Bear earthquakes of June of 1992.