Earthquake Commentary for November, 2000

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17:33 PST, Thursday, November 30

We have recorded and located 304 earthquakes in the nine-day period since November 22. Click here to see a summary and map .

07:41 PST, Thursday, November 30

A M3.5 quake occurred at 10:20 pm last night, south of the U.S./Mexico border, 26 miles south-southeast of Calexico. It could have been felt in the Imperial Valley, but we don't have any reports of it so far.

Also, there was a M3.0 near Parkfield this morning, at 6:08 am, according to the Northern California Seismic Network.

08:02 PST, Wednesday, November 29

This morning, there was a M2.8 quake located 10 miles north-northeast of Victorville. The time was 7:38 am. So far we have received no reports that it was felt by anyone.

17:09 PST, Tuesday, November 28

There has been another small quake: M2.7, at 2:36 pm, located in the Coso Range, 16 miles east of Coso Junction. This is a remote area, so we do not expect any "felt" reports.

11:00 PST, Tuesday, November 28

Another small quake occurred this morning at 10:13 am, 2 miles west-southwest of San Bernardino, close to the San Jacinto fault. The magnitude was M2.7. So far, we don't have any inquiries about this one either.

08:29 PST, Tuesday, November 28

There was a M2.8 early this morning, at 1:01 am, located 6 miles east-northeast of Mt. San Gorgonio. We have received no inquiries.

10:33 PST, Monday, November 27

We should mention that the M2.4 (revised magnitude) quake near Newport Beach on Wednesday was fairly widely felt in southern Orange County.

20:00 PST, Wednesday, November 22

There have been two more quakes of possible public interest. The first was a M2.5 at 2:21 pm, 3 miles northeast of Newport Beach. The other was a M2.9 at 4:45 pm, located 10 miles north of Palomar Observatory.

14:25 PST, Wednesday, November 22

There was a M2.8 quake this morning, at 5:07 am, located 5 miles southeast of Mt. San Gorgonio. We have no reports that it was felt.

17:24 PST, Tuesday, November 21

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday schedule, we are issuing the weekly summary early this week. This one covers a five-day period and the next will cover a nine-day period. We have recorded and located 185 earthquakes in this five day period. Click here to see a summary and map .

08:42 PST, Tuesday, November 21

A M2.9 quake at 6:14 this morning was felt in the Castaic area. The epicenter was located 3 miles west of Castaic Lake.

Earlier, at 8:26 pm last night, there was a M2.8 quake located 2 miles south-southeast of Ocotillo. This one was felt also, in the town of Ocotillo.

09:27 PST, Monday, November 20

Only very minor seismic activity occurred over the weekend. Sunday morning, at 4:47 am, there was a M2.9 located in an isolated area 11 miles north of Fillmore, at the site of previous small swarms this year.

There has also been some very minor swarm activity in the Obsidian Butte area, northern Imperial Valley, early this morning. The largest events were M2.6's at 2:00 am and 2:46 am, both located 2 miles northeast of Obsidian Butte.

16:44 PST, Thursday, November 16

We have recorded and located 233 earthquakes in the past week. Click here to see a summary and map .

16:19 PST, Monday, November 13

There has been an updated location and magnitude on the Orange County quake. The current epicenter is 3 miles northwest of Newport Beach, and the magnitude is now M2.9. The quake was felt pretty much throughout southern Orange County.

15:15 PST, Monday, November 13

A M2.8 quake at 3:06 pm today was felt in Irvine, Orange, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Santa Ana. The epicenter was located 4 miles north-northeast of Newport Beach.

07:08 PST, Monday, November 13

There was a M3.0 in the Barstow area at 11:27 pm on Saturday. The location was 11 miles east-northeast of Barstow.

We have also had more activity in northern Baja this morning. The largest was a M3.1 at 1:22 am. These events are located 22 miles south-southeast of Calexico. We have received no inquiries on either of these two events.

17:12 PST, Thursday, November 09

We have recorded and located 299 earthquakes in the past week. Click here to see a summary and map .

08:41 PST, Tuesday, November 07

As you may have noticed, the Recent Earthquake maps were not updating properly over the weekend. They seem to be okay now, but please remember that the supposed two-day "silence" was not real. We are in the process of reinserting the offending earthquakes.

Meanwhile, seismic activity has been fairly normal. The only quakes of any significance were: a M2.6 Hector aftershock at 1:09 am today, 34 miles south-southwest of Baker, and a M2.9 quake at 4:55 am today, 7 miles south-southeast of Lucerne Valley.

12:50 PST, Monday, November 06

There were more quakes in northern Baja over the weekend. The largest ones were a M3.0 at 5:20 pm and a M3.6 at 5:21 pm, and a M3.0 at 11:51 pm, all on Friday, and a M3.3 at 6:44 am today. There were a number of smaller quakes, as well. The M3.6 was felt in El Centro.

We also got quite a few "felt" reports for something at around 3:30 pm on Friday, in the Palmdale area, and one more from the same area at about 9:00 am today. There were not any quakes recorded in that area at those times, so we assume that a sonic boom or similar air wave was felt.

12:30 PST, Friday, November 03

The week's earthquake list totals 323 this week. Click here to see a summary and map .

08:15 PST, Thursday, November 02

At 10:23 am on Wednesday, there was a M3.2 Hector aftershock, located 34 miles south-southwest of Baker. It was not felt.

What has been felt, however, is a swarm of at least a dozen quakes located in northern Baja, about 21 miles south-southeast of Calexico. There have been four swarm members M3.0 or greater, between 1:53 am and 3:51 am this morning. The largest was M3.4 at 1:53. The M3.4 was felt in Brawley and El Centro.

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