Earthquake Commentary for February, 2002

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16:45 PST, Thursday, February 28

We have recorded and located 745 earthquakes in the last week. Click here to see a summary and map .

07:12 PST, Tuesday, February 26

A small quake was felt early yesterday afternoon in Orange County. It occurred at 12:17 pm, had a magnitude of M2.3, and was located 2 miles west of Yorba Linda. The quake was felt in Fullerton, Anaheim, and Placentia.

Slightly earlier, at 11:48 am, there was a M3.2 in the Death Valley area, 13 miles east-northeast of Telescope Peak or 26 miles west of Death Valley Junction. No-one reported feeling that one.

14:23 PST, Friday, February 22

Not exactly in Southern California, but felt by quite a few here - mostly in Imperial and San Diego Counties - a M5.2 earthquake occurred in Baja California at 11:32 am today. Locally referenced it was located 29 miles south-southeast of Calexico, California. The focal mechanism for the event shows strike-slip movement along the fault. Also interesting to mention, this is the largest sized earthquake "we've" had in that area since 1987 when there was a M5.4. Regarding today's earthquake we've had, so far, one M4.1 aftershock (at 12:33 pm) and about a dozen greater or equal to M3.0. As of yet, I have received no reports of the M4.1 being felt.

16:47 PST, Thursday, February 21

We have recorded and located 174 earthquakes in the last week. Click here to see a summary and map .

16:20 PST, Thursday, February 14

We have recorded and located 188 earthquakes in the last week. Click here to see a summary and map .

18:59 PST, Friday, February 08

An offshore quake was felt early this evening. It was a magnitude M3.5, and the epicenter was located 67 miles west of San Diego. People in Santee, Spring Valley, San Diego, and Chula Vista have reported feeling it.

There were two other small quakes today that apparently went unnoticed by the public: a M2.5 at 10:52 am, 14 miles east-northeast of Olancha, and a M2.6 at 1:15 pm, located 25 miles north-northeast of Lake Isabella.

07:27 PST, Friday, February 08

We have had a few small quakes along the northeastern shore of the Salton Sea (the San Andreas side). The real-time system has detected five of these events so far, including a M2.5 at 2:00 pm yesterday and a M2.4 at 6:37 am today. The location is about 9 miles north-northwest of Bombay Beach or 9 miles east-southeast of North Shore.

16:26 PST, Thursday, February 07

We have recorded and located 241 earthquakes in the last week. Click here to see a summary and map .

09:20 PST, Thursday, February 07

A few more small quakes occurred overnight in the Simi Valley cluster. Events that might have been felt include: a M2.6 just before 12:11 am, a M2.8 just after 12:11 am, a M2.7 at 12:22 am, and a M2.8 at 12:31 am. These quakes were located about 6 miles north-northeast of Simi Valley. The M2.8's and the M2.7 were felt in the west Valley area (Chatsworth, Thousdand Oaks, Woodland Hills, etc.), the Castaic area, and Simi Valley, with a peak intensity of about MMI III.

The quake at 9:29 pm last night near Mt. San Gorgonio was felt in Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, the Big Bear area, Morongo Valley, and Indio.

21:39 PST, Wednesday, February 06

At 9:29 pm this evening, a M3.4 quake occurred 6 miles east of Mt. San Gorgonio, or 22 miles north-northwest of Palm Springs. Due to its size, it might have been felt, but we don't have any reports yet.

07:20 PST, Monday, February 04

A M3.7 quake occurred last night at 8:39 pm, 9 miles east-southeast of Julian. It was reported felt from the U.S./Mexico border as far north as Temecula and Indio, with a peak intensity of MMI IV. It has had six very small aftershocks so far, the largest one being M1.5. This small sequence is taking place in the complex Elsinore fault zone.

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