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09:20 PST, Saturday, March 30

A quake was fairly widely felt from San Diego to Riverside, Palm Springs and Indio, at about 5:50 am this morning. The magnitude was M3.8, and the epicenter was located 2 miles northeast of Mesa Grande, probably associated with the Elsinore fault zone. The peak intensity was MMI V, in the Julian, Santa Ysabel, and Mesa Grande areas.

16:20 PST, Thursday, March 28

We have recorded and located 187 earthquakes in the last week. Click here to see a summary and map .

23:11 PST, Wednesday, March 27

At 10:56 pm this evening, there was a M3.0 quake, located 1 miles west of Bombay Beach, along the northeastern edge of the Salton Sea. This location is where the Brawley Seismic Zone joins the southern end of the San Andreas fault, so the quake might be related to either of those structures. So far, we have no reports that the quake was felt.

07:23 PST, Wednesday, March 27

There has also been another M3.0 quake in northern Baja, 25 miles south-southeast of Calexico. This happened at 7:08 am this morning.

06:17 PST, Wednesday, March 27

A M3.0 Hector Mines aftershock occurred early this morning, at 5:23 am. The location was 26 miles north of Joshua Tree. It was not, as far as we know, felt.

12:03 PST, Tuesday, March 26

At 11:44 am this morning, there was a M3.5 quake south of the U.S./Mexico border, 26 miles south-southeast of Calexico. There has been significant acitivity in this general area for about the last month, since a M5.2 on February 22. Today's quake was felt in Mexicali.

07:09 PST, Tuesday, March 26

Early this morning, at 3:28 am, there was a M3.1 quake in the western Imperial Valley. The epicenter was located 3 miles west of El Centro. We have reports that the quake was felt in El Centro and Imperial.

07:34 PST, Monday, March 25

There were a few small quakes of note over the weekend, only one of which has been reported felt. The first quake was a M3.0 at 3:37 pm on Friday, in the southern Sierras 19 miles west-southwest of Coso Jucntion. This is an isolated area, so we received to "felt reports".

The "felt" quake was a M3.4 at 4:27 am Saturday, located 5 miles east of Big Bear City. It was felt in epicentral area, with a maximum intensity of MMI III. The focal mechanism shows oblique thrust.

Early this morning, at 3:25 am, there was a M2.8 in the Mojave Desert, 14 miles west-northwest of Ludlow. This quake was a Hector Mines aftershock, which was not reported felt.

14:16 PST, Friday, March 22

Another small event was felt in Imperial Valley early this afternoon, at 2:01 pm. This quake had a magnitude of M2.6, and was located 6 miles north-northwest of Calexico. It was felt in El Centro.

13:55 PST, Friday, March 22

At 1:15 pm today, we had a M2.9 aftershock to last Saturday's offshore M4.6 quake. Today's quake was located 18 miles west-northwest of Santa Barbara Island, which, incidently, is 30 miles or so due south of Ventura, not near Santa Barbara.

07:43 PST, Friday, March 22

A small quake (M2.5) at 10:55 pm last night was reported felt. The epicenter was 4 miles southwest of Chino. It was felt in Chino Hills and Corona.

16:30 PST, Thursday, March 21

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07:18 PST, Thursday, March 21

A M2.9 quake was felt last night in the Inland Empire. The time was 7:42 pm, and the epicenter was located 4 miles south-southeast of Redlands. We have "felt reports" from Yucaipa, Redlands, Riverside, San Bernardino, Moreno Valley, and Loma Linda. The maximum intensity was MMI III.

09:54 PST, Tuesday, March 19

We are getting a few reports of quakes overnight having been felt in northern Orange County. There was a M2.1 at 6:53 pm last night, located 1 mile west-southwest of Yorba Linda, which was felt in Fullerton, Anaheim, La Habra, and Placentia. There was another, only a M1.9, at 12:46 am, located 3 miles west-southwest of Yorba Linda (essentially the same locations), that was reported felt only in Fullteron. Both these quakes are aftershocks of the M3.2 on Saturday evening.

10:09 PST, Monday, March 18

A fairly small Baja quake was felt at 6:40 pm last night, in El Centro. The magnitude was M2.9, and the location was 15 miles southeast of Calexico. We only got one "felt" report.

13:19 PST, Sunday, March 17

There was a bit of action yesterday in the Los Angeles area. At 1:33 pm, a M4.6 quake occurred offshore, 22 miles northwest of Santa Barbara Island, or 44 miles south of Ventura. It was far from shore, but, because of its size, it was felt in most of the coastal areas from Santa Barbara to Orange County. It was also reported felt at many places in San Fernando Valley and the South Bay area. Peak intensity was MMI IV. There was one M3.1 aftershock at 9:46 pm, which was not reported felt.

Also yesterday evening, there was a quake in northern Orange County at 9:50 pm. Magnitude was M3.2, and the epicenter was located 2 miles west-southwest of Yorba Linda, or 4 miles east of Fullerton. It was widely felt in the epicentral area, with a peak intensity of MMI IV.

09:44 PST, Friday, March 15

We just had another "aftershock of an aftershock" 26 miles north of Joshua Tree. The magnitude was M3.1, and the time was 9:39 am.

09:11 PST, Friday, March 15

There was another feelable Hector Mines aftershock this morning, at 8:57 am. The magnitude was M3.4, and the quake was located 25 miles north of Joshua Tree. It could have been felt, possibly, but this epicenter is an isolated location in the middle of a Marine base.

16:12 PST, Thursday, March 14

We have recorded and located 219 earthquakes in the last week. Click here to see a summary and map .

10:52 PST, Thursday, March 14

There was a M3.2 aftershock of the Hector Mines quake (Mw7.1 in October 1999) this morning at 10:41 am. The epicenter was located 33 miles south-southwest of Baker. As far as we know, the quake was not felt.

07:57 PST, Monday, March 11

A few people felt a M2.2 quake in the Long Beach area Saturday afternoon. The time was 2:59 pm, and the epicenter was located 1 miles west-southwest of Signal Hill. The quake was felt in Bellflower, Lakewood, and Long Beach.

At nearly the same time, 3:03 pm, on Sunday, a small quake was felt in the Tehachapi area. Magnitude was M2.7, and the location was 8 miles northwest of Tehachapi. This quake was felt in Bear Valley Springs and Tehachapi.

16:20 PST, Thursday, March 07

We have recorded and located 293 earthquakes in the last week. Click here to see a summary and map .

12:01 PST, Wednesday, March 06

At 11:50 am, there was another M3.0 aftershock in the Baja sequence. It was located 32 miles south-southeast of Calexico, and probably not felt anywhere in the U.S.

11:12 PST, Wednesday, March 06

Something was felt at about 9:55 to 10:00 am this morning, in the Los Angeles basin, Orange County, and Burbank. This event was probably a sonic boom. In any case, no earthquake occurred that was large enough to be felt over this wide an area.

07:27 PST, Tuesday, March 05

Another M3+ Baja aftershock occurred this morning at 3:54 am. The magnitude was M3.0. There was also a M2.9 at 4:02 am. Neither quake was felt in the U.S.

09:43 PST, Monday, March 04

A very small quake was felt in West Hollywood early this morning, at 7:13 am. The quake was located 1 mile east of Beverly Hills, and had a magnitude of M1.8. There have been a couple of other, even smaller, events near the same location, but nothing that has been felt.

08:00 PST, Monday, March 04

There was a M3.0 in the northern Mojave desert on Saturday afternoon, at 4:09 pm. The epicenter was located 34 miles west-northwest of Baker, or 25 miles east of Goldstone Lake. This location is too far north for it to be a Hector Mines aftershock.

There were also a couple of M3+ Baja events this morning: a M3.0 at 2:29 am, 30 miles south-southeast of Calexico, and a M3.4 at 5:12 am, located 24 miles south-southeast of Calexico. We have no "felt reports" for any of these quakes, as they happeded in isolated areas.

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