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02:24 PST, Wednesday, October 31

There have been a few more quakes of interest late yesterday:

At 5:46 pm, there was a M2.9 located 8 miles southeast of Parkfield, close to the San Andreas fault.

At 6:17 pm, a M3.0 occurred near Jacumba, 11 miles west-southwest of Ocotillo. This quake was felt in Boulevard.

The big action, however, occurred just before midnight. At 11:57 pm, there was a ML5.1 in the San Jacinto fault zone 9 miles east-southeast of Anza. It was followed by a number of small aftershocks, the largest of which had a magnitude of M2.8. The ML5.1 was felt as far as Pasadena.

13:11 PST, Tuesday, October 30

A late Landers aftershock occurred at 4:58 am today, 16 miles north of Yucca Valley. The magnitude was M3.3. The quake was felt in Landers, Johnson Valley, Yucca Valley, and Palm Springs.

07:41 PST, Monday, October 29

A special report has just been posted for yesterday's M3.7 quake in Compton and its aftershocks. Here is a link to a map of the sequence.

17:24 PDT, Thursday, October 25

We have recorded and located 229 earthquakes in the last week. Click here to see a summary and map .

16:18 PDT, Thursday, October 25

A very small quake was felt this afternoon in Long Beach. The epicenter was offshore, 5 miles south of Long Beach, and the magnitude was M2.2.

12:29 PDT, Thursday, October 25

There was a M2.9 quake at 10:29 am this morning, 19 miles north-northwest of Barstow. Due to the sparse population in that area, it is unlikely that anyone will report it as felt.

07:19 PDT, Thursday, October 25

Our netword detected two M3.1's last night: one at 9:43 pm in Mexico 52 miles south-southwest of Ocotillo, and the other at 11:41 pm 17 miles north-northwest of San Clemente Island. Neither has been reported felt.

14:54 PDT, Wednesday, October 24

A pair of M2.6's occurred mid-day today. The first occurred at 11:28 am, 1 miles south-southeast of Loma Linda, and was felt in Riverside. The other happened at 12:57 pm, and was located 4 miles north-northeast of Claremont. The latter quake was felt in Claremont and Rancho Cucamonga.

15:45 PDT, Tuesday, October 23

A M2.4 quake has been felt in the northern Los Angeles basin. The quake occurred at 3:25 pm, 1 mile south of Beverly Hills. It was an aftershock of Sunday's quake, which now has a magnitude of M3.0, itself an aftershock of the September 9 M4.2. The quake was felt in the epicentral area, as well as southern San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles,

13:40 PDT, Monday, October 22

An aftershock to yesterday's Beverly Hills/West Hollywood aftershock was felt early this afternoon. Today's quake had a magnitude of M2.2 and was located in Beverly Hills. We have "felt" reports from Beverly Hills, Century City, Culver City, Los Angeles, Studio City, Burbank, Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica, Venice, and Redondo Beach.

08:05 PDT, Monday, October 22

At 5:29 pm last night (actually 5:28:57), there was a M2.9 quake in the Beverly Hills/West Hollywood area. This quake is an aftershock of the M4.2 that occurred on September 9. Yesterday's quake was widely felt in the northern part of Los Angeles basin, the Hollywood Hills, and southern San Fernando Valley.

18:15 PDT, Thursday, October 18

We have recorded and located 243 earthquakes in the last week. Click here to see a summary and map .

13:13 PDT, Wednesday, October 17

A small quake (M2.8) has occurred in the Anza area, 12 miles east-southeast of Anza or 22 miles south of Palm Springs. The time was 1:02 pm today. The complex San Jacinto fault zone passes through this area. This quake could have been felt, but so far we have not reports.

07:17 PDT, Wednesday, October 17

Two small quakes were felt overnight. The first one occurred 12:01 am, 5 miles north-northwest of Goleta. It has a magnitude of M2.5. It was felt in Goleta and Santa Barbara.

The second ond was a M2.3, located 13 miles south-southeast of Julian. That one occurred at 6:01 am this morning. It was felt in Descanso and Alpine.

While people were busy feeling these little shakes, they missed a M3.3 Hector aftershock 7 miles south of Ludlow, or 35 miles north of Joshua Tree, at 10:53 pm last night. This quake is actually likely to have been felt in isolated desert communities like Ludlow, but so far we have had no inquiries.

09:40 PDT, Friday, October 12

A M3.0 quake occurred at 9:08 am this morning, 9 miles east-southeast of the town of Anza. This epicenter is in the complex San Jacinto fault zone. As the area is fairly sparsely populated, we may or may not get any "felt" reports.

17:22 PDT, Thursday, October 11

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12:03 PDT, Thursday, October 11

There has just been a M3.0 Hector Mines aftershock, located 35 miles south-southwest of Baker. The time was 11:56 am. Due to its location, this quake will probably not be reported felt.

13:44 PDT, Tuesday, October 09

At 10:02 am this morning, there was a M2.5 aftershock of Sunday's M3.0 Silver Lake quake, with very close to the same epicenter. Today's quake was also widely felt in Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley.

15:07 PDT, Sunday, October 07

We had a little bit of seismic action at 10:29 am this morning. The quake was a M2.9 located in Silver Lake. It was felt widely in the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles, as far as West Los Angeles.

Earlier, at 1:53 am, there was a M2.3 quake about 1 miles northeast of Beverly Hills, no doubt an aftershock of the M4.2 quake there last month.

17:14 PDT, Thursday, October 04

We have recorded and located 222 earthquakes in the last week. Click here to see a summary and map .

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