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17:37 PDT, Thursday, June 28

We have recorded and located 198 earthquakes in the last week. Click here to see a summary and map .

14:17 PDT, Tuesday, June 26

At 1:54 pm today, there was a small quake, M2.5, located 2 miles west-southwest of Bolsa Chica Beach. The quake was felt in Huntington Beach.

14:07 PDT, Monday, June 25

We have one more "felt" report for the M2.3 this morning, from Woodland Hills.

Earlier this weekend, a few people were busy feeling very small earthquakes. On Saturday, at 12:07 pm, a M1.8 located 2 miles north-northeast of Baldwin Park was felt in Monrovia.

Then, on Sunday afternoon at 3:08 pm, a M1.9 in the South Gate area (2 miles northwest of South Gate), was noticed in Lynnwood and Florence.

13:27 PDT, Monday, June 25

At 7:51 am this morning, a small quake (M2.3) was felt in Topanga Canyon. The epicenter was 6 miles east-northeast of Santa Monica or 6 miles west-northwest of Malibu.

09:01 PDT, Friday, June 22

We have recorded and located 219 earthquakes in the last week. Click here to see a summary and map .

15:40 PDT, Wednesday, June 20

At 3:30 pm,there was a M3.0 quake in the Walker Pass area of the southern Sierra, 18 miles south-southwest of Coso Junction. In May, there was a minor earthquake swarm at this location.

12:58 PDT, Tuesday, June 19

There was another small quake, M3.0, in the Inland Empire at 12:28 pm this afternoon. The epicenter was 6 miles south-southeast of Loma Linda. This quake was lightly felt in Riverside and Corona.

07:20 PDT, Tuesday, June 19

Residents of southern Imperial Valley might have felt a small quake at 8:56 pm last night. It was located 23 miles south-southeast of Calexico, and had a magnitude of M3.1. We have not received any inquiries, however.

17:32 PDT, Thursday, June 14

We have recorded and located 252 earthquakes in the last week. Click here to see a summary and map .

08:22 PDT, Wednesday, June 13

Southern Imperial Valley was lightly rocked by a M3.4 earthquake at 12:44 am this morning. The epicenter was located 5 miles east of Calexico, close to the Imperial fault. We have reports of the quake having been felt in Imperial, Holtville, Calexico, and El Centro.

08:20 PDT, Tuesday, June 12

Early this morning (5:08 am), there was a M3.0 quake felt in the Idyllwild area. The location was 8 miles west-southwest of Idyllwild, in the San Jacinto fault zone.

11:01 PDT, Monday, June 11

There were 3 earthquakes this past "weekend" M3.0 or greater. On Saturday (the 9th) at 9:23 pm a M3.0 occurred 3 miles east-southeast of Coso Junction. On Friday (the 8th) there was a M3.2 at 7:34 pm located 3 miles west of Devore and a M3.1 at 4:15 pm located 30 miles north of Joshua Tree. We received no felt reports from any of them.

17:07 PDT, Thursday, June 07

We have recorded and located 172 earthquakes in the last week. Click here to see a summary and map .

16:18 PDT, Thursday, June 07

Though no felt calls were received a "feelable" earthquake occurred near the south end of Imperial County's Salton Sea. It was located 2 miles east-southeast of Westmorland and had the magnitude of M3.1.

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